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Q: Is this legal?

A: Yes, absolutely.

This violates no copyright law, does not circumvent any DRM or protections placed in place in or to protect any copyrighted materials or IP, and does not distribute any copyrighted, trademarked, or patented material that is not open-source and under a license that allows the release of this in the manner of which it's been produced.


Q: Is this safe?

A: Again, we'll say yes and absolutely.

This does not do anything which can permanently damage your pinball cabinet, the one caution we would advise is to avoid running anything in 1080p if you're worried about overheating. Following this one single precaution would be the same as running/operating the stock virtual pinball machine with stock software.

This modification does nothing more that would put additional load on the PCBA or cause any form of damage.

Should the modification fail at any point you can also search youtube for "AP Gaming Rennef" and find the .img files he's linked in his table pack using these in conjunction with instructions provided by Arcade1up in order to turn the table back to stock utilizing the "Phoenix Tool"


Q: Are there plans for future updates?

A: Check the main page for this "A1Pinner" it discusses various updates and what is to come or ideas we may have.


Q: I have a problem and need help solving it, how can I contact you or is there someone I can contact?

A: The place to reach any of us or other members of the community would be mcap's discord where we currently have a channel for providing help,

Q: I don't like discord is there anywhere else I can go for help?

A: Try one of these various Facebook groups:


or the Arcade1up subreddit:


and if you're not a fan of either of those there's always pinside where we've observed members of that community are more than helpful with this modification:


Q: Someone is selling this software, is it free?

A: If anyone is selling the software please report them to us above and we'll try to take the necessary steps to get their listing taken down this software is free and should remain that way, we don't condone profiting from it in any way and discourage that.


Q: Is there somewhere I can download the Zen Pinball tables for Free?

A: No if you want mods like this to stay alive, please purchase what tables are available for purchase legitimately.

Q: I'm a content creator worried about Zen Studios or Arcade1up shutting down my channel or sending me a C&D for showing this off, is there any risk in doing so?

A: Several content creators have covered this and were met with no problems, As long as you are not instructing users where they can obtain illegal downloads (the table packs, zen tables, etc) you should be perfectly fine showing this modification or discussing it as many have already done.

In the past, there were a few YouTubers who had gotten in trouble showing off Zen Pinball running on a raspberry pi 4 making them believe that showing it, in general, would get them in trouble, they have to understand they were showing a "loaded" image which included pirated versions of all of the Zen Pinball games.

This is why Zen Studios got involved, their tables were being illegally distributed; this modification does not condone, endorse or provide that in any shape form or way and thus should be more than legitimate to show off on any channel regardless of what others say.


Q: I'm not sure where to start installing this software, I don't use computers often
A: This has been made as easy as we can possibly make it, you'll need to either find someone computer savvy to help you or bare through it.


Q: I use X operating system is it supported? (Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS)

A: At the moment we're not actively supporting other operating systems, Mac OS was supported in the last revision but we have no plans currently to update that.

We do however have some plans to potentially utilize a web framework that would rely on usage of Chrome in order to perform the modification, if this is done Mac OS, Linux and Chrome OS should all be supported.

Q: Is there a way I can just load this on a USB stick and install it?

A: No, the way this works requires the software to be running on a PC and if you did that you wouldn't have any of the Zen Pinball tables which at this point is the real intention of this modification is to expand the functionality of the stock pinball cabinet.

That being said if interest is ever shown in a way to install this via say a raspberry pi image or something that automates *some* of the process, we can see about making that happen.


Q: Can I play other Williams tables which are also made by Zen but not included on the Attack from Mars Cabinet?

A: At the moment no, and this is not planned for V4 at the moment either; the tables made available by Zen were previously available in Pinball Arcade and while the physics are different and they don't exactly offer the same experience we expect those to be playable in the future.


Q: Does XYZ feature work yet?
A: Any feature planned or working will be mentioned on the main Pinner page.


Q: I'm using the application and the PCB "network" never comes up (I can't get to step 2) what do I do?

A: All we can recommend is trying a different PC but ultimately there's not a lot we can do to help.

Unfortunately, there have been cases where there are some emmc modules on PCBAs that just do not play well with the modification and we have not found ways to support these yet.


Q: I'm using the application and the PCB never connects (step 1 never enables) what do I do?

A: You should make sure the Micro USB cable is fully inserted into the PCB, that the PCBA is powered on and that the flash switch on the PCBA itself is set to "Off" when connecting to the PC.

Additionally, try a different PC or Micro USB cable.


Q: I'm upgrading from an older version (V1.0-V2.0-V3.0) to V3.1 do I need to re-install all of the APKs?
If you've already installed the 3 base APKs you do not need to re-install them.

The only one which is recommended to be re-installed is the Zen Pinball APK if it was previously installed with v3.0 and you're upgrading to v3.1 if you do not re-install it, the modules which enable it to work on the pinball table will not be updated and you will not get proper working solenoids and may eventually have bugs/issues with launching it.

In the future, we'll find a way to account for this in future versions, but for now, this is the step that should always be followed when going to the latest version (Re-installing the Zen Pinball APK).


Q: I have a question which was not answered by this, where can I ask my question?

A: Use the above methods mentioned to reach out to the community at large we do not want direct contact and will answer out-of-band or allow the community to provide an answer.