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This is a softmod for Arcade1Up's Terminator 2 cabinet - please read the included README file before installing. Installation is easy, but if the steps aren't followed things can go wrong.

NOTE: Do not attempt to install this on other any other hardware. There's a good chance you'll brick it, and even if you don't, the mod and the guns WILL NOT WORK, full stop. 



MicroSD card


NOTE: The mod installation and game loading will take a long time on slower SD cards, so a high speed card is really your best bet. If you're installing every (currently) available game, you'll want at least a 16gb card, but for the bare minimum 8gb will do. Given that work is ongoing, you may want to grab a larger card - more games are coming.

Additional Info:

There is not yet a method to revert the hack, but when that's ready, you'll be able to restore your cab to stock even if you've already installed this version. I just want to make sure it's clear that for the moment it isn't available.

NOTE: I know the process is outlined, but don't stop the installer before the "installation complete" message appears on screen, and don't add the roms prior to running the installer - they'll just get wiped.

NOTE: We don't provide roms, so bring your own games. You can add as many of the supported games as you like and the game selection menu will adjust accordingly.



Video tutorials are coming, but the process is fairly simple.

  • Use Balena Etcher (or a similar flashing program supporting the img.gz format) to flash the included image to a MicroSD card.
  • Insert the MicroSD card into the slot on the PCB (the box behind the monitor if you're not aware).
  • Power up the cabinet and wait for the installer to complete - there will be a progress bar and a message indicating when it has finished.
  • Power down the cabinet and remove the MicroSD card.
  • Take the MicroSD card back to your PC and drop your roms in the already created folders - the included README file lists the supported games and directory structure. This is important as the directory structure and filenames determine what's shown in the menu.
  • If Windows pops up a message to format the drive, just hit "cancel".
  • Return the MicroSD card to the slot in the cab, start it up, and you're done! From here, select the Team Encoder logo from the main menu to start SAM, our game selection menu.

Again, please read the included README for detailed instructions.


Installation Tips

If the Team Encoder logo stays on screen for a long time, please continue to wait for the installer to start. Turning off the cab or removing the card at this point can cause issues, and as I noted, there's not currently a way to roll it back. There will be soon, and it should fix this particular issue, but you have been warned. Don't brick your cab.

When the "installation complete" screen appears, apparently the power button doesn't actually work to turn the cab off. It is safe to unplug the cabinet at this point. The filesystem is already synced and not being accessed so there's no danger of corrupting data or causing issues.

It is totally safe to install the hack again if there are any issues with the card. You can just restart the process from the first step without causing any issues.

NOFATEv1 (Terminator 2) - Download Link
NOTE: Do not ask for support with images containing ROMs on our Discord. We will never include ROMs with any of our releases. 

As always, we are not affiliated with Arcade1Up or any of the teams responsible for the emulation software used. This is an unofficial hack and is unsupported by anyone other than Team Encoder.

For any questions, help, or bug reports, come chat with us on our Discord!