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A1Pinner is a modification created for Arcade1up Virtual Pinball tables.


Latest Release: V3.9 -

BE SURE TO READ THE ENTIRE PAGE ABOVE. If you need help, check out our FAQ by clicking the A1Pinner link and "FAQ" in the drop down.

It offers an easy-to-use UI with little to no risk of damaging your virtual pinball machine, it's as simple as downloading the UI available on the drop-down menu above and selecting the latest version available which at the time of writing is V3.9.

It's highly recommended even if you're only playing the stock 3 tables to upgrade to Version 3.9 as it aims to solve a few different bugs and offer the most complete experience available currently with the modification.

A complete list of what the modification currently offers is below:

  • Ability to install Zen Pinball (android version)
  • Ability to manage Zen Pinball android tables that are installed.
  • A custom launcher with custom graphics to launch individual tables.
  • The ability to exit out of a table set being played and launch a new set
  • Solenoids functioning in Zen Pinball. 
  • 1080p across the board.
  • Pinball Arcade
  • Zen DMD working (Enable in Launcher Settings)
  • More to come.