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Mystery Paw Application Preview
MysteryPaw installer preview


MysteryPaw is a modification created for the Arcade1up Jr. Paw Patrol Arcade machine.

The modification aims to enable easy usage of RetroArch and Emulationstation on the Arcade1up Jr. Paw Patrol Arcade cabinet and will work in a very similar way to the A1Pinner application.

Our goal with all modifications released under this team will be to make things point and click accessible, in this specific instance the only caveat to that is the need to remove two things from the cabinet in order to reach both the appropriate USB port as well as an sd card slot in order to store ROMs/games on.

The Mystery Paw mod is not currently released yet but a preview of some of what has been done with it can be seen on PDub's youtube channel here:



MysteryPaw RC1 has been released and can be found here