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Infinite Mystery


Is XXXX dashboard version still supported?

We don't know, and we don't support this mod/table anymore.

At the moment we don't consider working on this a priority as while you may be disappointed with the product it does not officially support bringing your own games and is a living ecosystem, to disrupt that ecosystem could be considered unethical and with that known, we'll refrain from touching this table again until a point where the company is no longer supporting the hardware. If the day comes, we'll release a new modification for the table to load whichever software you'd like.

Until then we will not support or endorse any modding efforts.

Archived Information:

If you have one of the newer infinity tables (with one blue usb port) please follow these steps. You do not need to download infinite mystery. If you have the old version of the table (two white usb ports), proceed to infinite mystery. 

Infinity Game Table (New Version)
Latest Firmware: 1.5.3

Required: USB or SD Card

Install Simple Controls APK to USB or SD Card. 


1. Click on User Icon Picture - Top Right of screen
2. Click on Gear Icon.
3. Click on Change Handle Name.
4. Virtual Keyboard will apear: Type any letter. Press and hold that letter. 
5. Pop up will apear - Choose "Select All"
6. Click "Share"
7. This will open up Bluetooth Device Search window.
8. Top Right hand side is a "search" button.
10. Type "Files"
11.Click on "Files App Info"
12. Click ""OPEN
13. Click on USB or SD and run your APK from there. 



Arcade1Up recently released an update to the infinity table dashboard that breaks this mod. If you have dashboard version 1.4.28 or greater, this mod may not work for you. The current workaround is to go through the mod process as described below, but when the table reboots make sure it does not connect to wifi (turn wifi off on your router, pull the ethernet cable from your router or block the mac address of the table). This will allow the Team Encoder icon to appear on the dashboard and allow you to launch the launcher and get simple control set up. Once you have simple control working, you can re-enable wifi and enjoy the mod.

Another thing to note: Arcade1Up is flagging tables that are modded in the API calls back to the server. We've been told that they do not plan on banning anyone based off this tracking, but mod at your own risk.

Finally, there is a newer revision of the Infinity Game Table that has been released. We do not own this version, so have not been able to make a mod work for it. If you are having issues running the mod (and ensured your cable works), you probably have this newer revision and won't be able to use this software.



Infinite Mystery is a modification for the Arcade1Up Infinity Game Table.

The purpose of this modification is to bypass the artificial restrictions and allow the user to gain access to the android ecosystem powering the table. With our one click application, you will now be able to unlock the infinite possibilities of this expensive hardware and be free to customize your own dashboard and experiment with whatever applications you would like to install. Our main goal is to provide an open sandbox and let the community find new and interesting ways to use the table.


The first public release for Infinite Mystery can be found here:


Please read the included "README.txt" for more detailed instructions.

  1. Take the USB-A Male to Male cable and use it to connect your PC to your table via USB port #2
    - NOTE: USB-C to USB-A did not work in testing!
  2. Make sure the table is powered off.
  3. Open the Infinite Mystery application.
  4. Turn on the table and wait for the infinite mystery application to reboot the table into recovery.
  5. Once the table is in recovery, the button to "Install Infinite Mystery" will be enabled.
  6. Press the button, wait for the table to reboot back into the stock dashboard, once you see the Team Encoder Icon (Orange Hoodie), you're done.
    - NOTE: Depending on how many games you have installed, the icon may be at the end of installed apps

Bundled Apps

While the goal of the project is to provide a clean slate for the user to install whatever they want, team encoder has selected a few apps to bundle with this install to make life easier. The most essential of these apps is Simple Control

Simple Control will be your primary way to navigate around the operating system as there are no physical navigation buttons on the table. It is recommended to immediately setup simple control on first boot after the mod is installed. It can be found in the new launcher (team encoder icon) by swiping up the arrow to reveal the app drawer. When you launch the app, follow the instructions. You will be asked to grant various permissions and enable Simple Control in accessibility settings. Finally, you can customize the look and feel of the navigation bar to meet your tastes. It is recommended to change the first or last button to open the application "LaunchTheLauncher" which is our helper app to go back to the new launcher.

The other bundled apps are Aurora Store to easily download new applications and Board Game Arena to access a ton of board games online! Please note you’ll need to install a browser for board game arena to work.

Installing APKs

If you are looking to sideload apps onto the machine, the easiest way is to use and SD Card, load all of your APKs on there and insert it into the machine. Next, you will find an app called "Explorer" in the app drawer of the new launcher. From there, you can navigate to the SD card and install whatever you want! You may be asked to give permissions to install third party apps.


When purchasing new games, you'll need to reboot before they'll show up in the dashboard as this breaks some functionality that allows the stock dashboard to update automatically without a reboot.

Newly released games may not show in the dashboard for download/purchase, we're working on a fix in the next version...
In the mean time there's ways to uninstall the mod but require wiping the table and re-downloading all games.


For any questions, help, or to see what other users are doing with this mod, please check out our discord!